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31Patient Registration and Template Utility Help</div>
32<div align="center" style="font-family: Verdana; font-Size: .8em;"> brought to you by </div>
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48 <td><a href="#Clear">Clear</a></td>
49 <td><a href="#Exit">Exit</a></td>
50 <td><a href="#Forms">Forms</a></td>
51 <td><a href="#Save">Save</a></td>
52 <td><a href="#Select Patient">Sel(ect) Patient</a></td>
53 <td><a href="#Utilities">Utilities</a></td>
54 <td><a href="#Examples">Examples</a></td>
55 <td><a href=""><u>Contact</u></a></td>
56 </tr>
60This application is primarily oriented to the patient file. Referencing files are utilized but new additions and editing are patient specific. The application depends on the manager's and/or user's ability to make Fileman templates, or select specific patient file fields on the fly for data editing. Click on the Fileman icon at the top of the form for Fileman manuals.
61Regarding usership: access by employees you want to have/use the application can be managed
62via Fileman/Kernel User Management menu by adding to their secondary menu -
64<li>Standard users should receive the <b>VW PATIENT REGISTRATION</b> menu option. Users can
65edit their own templates.</li>
66<li>Manager type users should also receive the <b>VW REG IT CONTROL</b> menu option. Managers
67can create, delete, edit their templates, plus any other template they will have access
68to (e.g., user templates and/or any template allowed to them). Managers should at least
69be assigned the # in their <b>FILE MANAGER ACCESS CODE</b></li>
73Clear is a "cleaner", like Leon in the movie "The Professional". It will remove any data
74in the edit fields, and then remove any of the template components on the page, leaving
75you a new, clean slate.
78"Buh-bye!" You guessed it: closes the form (and uses the "cleaner" before doing so).
81<img src="Help_FormsExample_75perc.png" Align=left>
82The Forms menu contains templates you can select. The installation will bring some stock
83WorldVistA/BFP templates, but it can also contain templates that are site local:
84New templates made by the local site will be included in the list.<br>
86<a name="Save"><p><b>Save:</b></a>
87Pressing save will save whatever template and fields you input. The template will clear and you can do your next patient/client.</p>
88<div align="right"><a href="#TOP">Top</a></div>
90<a name="Select Patient"><b>Sel(ect) Patient:</b><br>
91<img src="Help_SelectPatient_80perc.png" Align=Right>
92If you are wanting to edit data on a patient, select a template first. Then
93there are several ways of selecting patients. You can get a list by alphabetical letter,
94which is the first letter of the last name, or you can use the radio buttons to select
95by that category listing. Double-click the ID/HRN column to get your selection (even if
96it's blank).<br><i>NOTE: "Prior Patient" - This is a feature of Fileman. It tracks
97the last action/selection you were working on. So, if you saved a new patient entry,
98or were editing an existing patient and cleared the form via save, and wanted to
99return that patient to the form, Press the Prior Patient radio button once and <b>VIOLA!</b> that patient will be re-selected for action.</i><br>
100<i>The menus:</i><br>
101<li>Cancel: Closes the window without action</li>
102<li>Clear: Clears all the fields for new selection</li>
104If you chose to use a radio button category, other than Prior Patient, the cursor will be placed in that field for your input. Then press the "GO" image.
106The example selected the letter "p" for an alphabetical listing. Note that the Fileman
107will also look at aliases, hence the "ZZ" selection in the list.<br><br>
108<i><b>(Of Special Note:</b> In the listing area, select an entry by double-clicking in the first column (ID/HRN), even though it might be empty. The display is displayed by row, but selection is only done in the first column.)</i><div align="right"><a href="#TOP">Top</a></div><br>
111<a name=Examples><b>Examples</b></a>
113<!-- <div align="right"><a href="#TOP">Top</a></div> -->
115<table border width="100%"style="border: 1px solid white; border-spacing: 2px; cellspacing: 2px;">
116 <tr style="text-align: left;">
117 <td><a href="#Select">Select From the Form Menu</a></td>
118 <td><a href="#Mult">Multiple fields</a></td>
119 <td><a href="#Hovering">"Hovering"</a></td>
120 <td><a href="#Closing">Closing the Main Reg. Window</a></td>
121 </tr>
124<a name="Select"><b>Selecting from the Forms Menu:</b></a><br>
125<img src="Help_FormsExample2.png" alt="Selecting from forms menu" Align="Left">
126Clicking on the "Forms" menu will bring up a list of templates. Templates are files where a number of fields
127have been selected for presentation and are saved in the database for selection at anytime. Click on the template you want. The fields will be listed in a vertical order. The Window should auto-size and there would likely be no
128scrolling. In this example, I've selected PT REGISTRATION [WorldVistA]. The communications software will call the database, select the template so named and will return the fields for editing.
130<img src="Help_FormSelected_80perc.png" alt="Template selected" align="right">
131As noted fields are simply listed vertically and input can begin. You can either choose to mouse and click to another rield or using the <tab> key will sequentially move through the field set.<br>
132<li>Fields that have a small down-arrow at the end of the field means that there are other possible selections for that field. Clicking on the arrow will list them for selection.</li><li>Fields that have a reference file connection, like MARITAL STATUS, upon entry to that field, a pop-up window will display the selections. In those windows, you can either double-click or single-click-return to select the value (See below).</li>
134<img src="Help_ReferenceSelection2.png" alt="" align="left">
135I double-clicked "NEVER MARRIED", the result below:<img src="Help_ReferenceSelected2.png" alt=""align="right"><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
136<a name=Hovering><b>Hovering over a field:</b></a><br>
137If there is any help text on the server for a field, it will be available for display as shown below. You can't see the mouse, but it is hovering over the name field, and VOILA! Help text will be displayed.
138<img src="Help_Hovering2.png" alt="" align="center">
140<a name=Mult><b>Fields that take more than a single value:</b></a><br>
141<img src="Help_Multiples2.png" alt="" align="left">
142The value of M and the Fileman database is that one can create fields that carry multiple values. In this case, we'll look at CLINIC ENROLLMENT. I entered the field ENROLLMENT CLINIC and the pop-up that allows for multiple values is displayed. The fields you see in that window are the fields that have been selected as part of the PT REGISTRATION... template. The rules for sets of codes, indicated by a down-arrow at the end of the field, or a reference file for a field apply. Note that this window carries an "Add", "Cancel", "Finished","Help" selection. Use the "Add" option to save your input into the listing at the bottom of the window. Make the necessary selections for the fields. When done, press the "Finished" option. Those fields will be sent to the main form, and the Multiple window will close. The main form will show the last selection made from the multiple, but the multiple values are saved invisibly on the main form and transferred with the rest of any data to the server on "Save".<br>
144<a name="Closing"><b>Closing the main window:</b><br>
145I typically use the clear and the exit menu selections. Remember to save your work, if that is the intention, which will also clear the form components and fields. However, if you just want to close the window without saving anything, use the Clear and Exit buttons, just to be on the safe side.
146<div align="right"><a href="#TOP">Top</a></div>
147<a name="Utilities"><b>Utilities</b><br>
148<p align="center"><b>A kinda one shot pic of template management</b></p>
149<div align="center"><img src="ImagestoSend\Help_TM.png" alt="1=shot"></div>
150<div align="right"><a href="#TOP">Top</a></div>
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