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Upgrade to version 27

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1Attempts at getting WV_CPRS_V27 (OR_3_243V27) up and compiling in Delphi Dev Studio 2006
3June, 2010
5Copied source to:
8Menu: Component\Install Packages --> Add ...
9 Browse to Packages folder
10 Don't add the file names that have *60.bpl
11 Don't add VA10.bpl
12 Don't add Borland.bpl
13 Add:
14 Borland2006.bpl
15 ORCtrlLib2006.bpl
16 ORDateLib2006.bpl
17 VA508Access2006
18 VA2006.bpl
19 VAShared2006
20 XWB_D10.bpl
22Then found: .\VA\VAShared2006.dpk
23I suspect this is a combination of needed files. It opens, but I can't find how to install it.
25So I closed this.
27Opened up CPRSChart.dpr
28Attempted compile.
29Got error of missing ORSystem.dcu
31Open project options.
32Go to Directories and Conditionals
33 Change the Unit Output Directory to the DCU folder.
34 Change the Search Path so that is searches in:
35 CPRS folder
36 CPRSLib folder
37 WVEHR-Lib folder
38 Change the Packages output folder to
40Compile attempt again. This time is is missing TRPCB.dcu
41 In my other instances of compiling CPRS, I have always had the BDK32 folder in with the CPRS source. This is the RPC Broker. It does not appear to be included anywhere in the source tree.
42 A file search shows that it is in the DCU folder. So back to the Options and include the DCU folder in the search path.
44Compile attempt again. Compiles much further. Now error of multiple missing *.dfm files.
45 First missing one is. fDebugInfo.DFM. A filesystem search doesn't find it.
46 A search for *.dfm reveals many files, but not the ones I need.
47 Looking closer, the missing .dfm files are all related to the debugger.
48 So I think this is a problem of the compiler wanting to recompile the TRPCB.dcu.
50 So I am going to take a chance and copy over the BDK32 directory into the source tree and add it to the search path and see if that works. I put it at the same level as the CPRS-Lib, VA, DCU etc folders. I deleted the \BDK32\D7 folder. Added \BDK32\Source to search path.
52Compile attempt again..
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