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Dec 8, 2010, 1:52:56 AM (13 years ago)
Sam Habiel

Updated Bugs and Enhancement Request. LGPL license at top of readme.

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  • Scheduling/trunk/doc/README.txt

    r1010 r1037  
    11BSDX 1.41 for WorldVista
     2Licensed under LGPL.
    34This is a Scheduling GUI package.
    8788- Appointment drap and drop between different windows doesn't cancel the original appointment.
    8889- Rebooking under certain conditions causes system hangs. Two issues: Program doesn't increment requested available appointment from VISTA, and doesn't deal properly with an appointment that doesn't have a access type (ie an appointment that is not in an Access block).
     90- Can't make appointments longer than 240 minutes when using a linked Resource (PIMS issue)
     91- Patient Appointment List shows cancelled appointments by default and doesn't indicate in any way that they are cancelled.
     92- Patient Appointment List shows the names of the resources as the VISTA PIMS clinics, not what you called them in the Scheduling GUI; only for linked resources.
    8993- Speed issues
    9094- If you click on the print button in the View Appointments User Control (visible in the Make Appointment dialog) and the patient doesn't have any appointments (new patient), there is an error.
    100104- Allow all users to access all clinics by default (EHS/PHH)
    101105- Summary Schedule report based on Clinic Schedule report. Remove Phone, Address, Appointment Made By, and on fields.
     106- Alert user if a patient already has an appointment in the same clinic for today.
    102107- Print Appointment Letter when Appointment is made (PHH Users workflow).
    103108- Make printing an extensible module for end user customization (Oroville and PHH)
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