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  • Scheduling/trunk/doc/ChangeLog.txt

    r977 r1042  
    9595- New Kids build.
     97v1.4.2 (released December 12th 2010)
     98- Finally, the transaction bugs that happens on high volume GT.M systems are fixed.
     99- Fixes 1 day view drawing bug, causing yesterday's appointments to show as if they were today.
     100- Updating the Note in the Edit appointment context menu now updates both BSDX APPOINTMENT file and HOSPITAL LOCATION.
     101- Walk-in appointments now count towards slots left calcuations.
     102- Default open location for apply template dialog is now the last folder navigated to.
     103- Drag and drop and Delete Message Boxes (prompts) for users when manipulating Access Blocks have been removed (no need for them).
     104- Printing from the View Apppointment user control (visible in the Make Appointment dialog) no longer causes an error if there are no appointments for patients.
     105- Saving access slots is not async, but that causes other bugs because of multiple threads accessing data concurrently. It's an intermediate fix until a better saving program can be devised using BMX Updatable DataTables.
     106- Access block grid now refreshes itself after access blocks are added from a template. No need to change dates to see the effect.
     107- New option in Access block grid to mass delete access blocks on File menu (tied to Ctrl-D).
  • Scheduling/trunk/doc/README.txt

    r1037 r1042  
    1 BSDX 1.41 for WorldVista
     1BSDX 1.42 for WorldVista
    22Licensed under LGPL.
    2525Client does not need installation. Both files have to be located in the same folder.
    27 For users who used a previous version, you only need to download and install BSDX 1.41 kids and ClinicalScheduling.exe plus the BMXNet22.dll library. If BMX Server version is outdated, you need to install the new version.
     27For users who used a previous version, you only need to download and install BSDX 1.42 kids and ClinicalScheduling.exe plus the BMXNet22.dll library. If BMX Server version is outdated, you need to install the new version.
    2929Post-installation tasks:
    3636clinic groups, assignment of users to clinics, designation of user access, and other management activities. For further details, see the User Manual.
    37373. Make the BMXRPC and BSDXPRC menu options available to scheduling users.
    38 These options must be somewhere in the users path, either as a secondary option
     38These options must be somewhere in the user's path, either as a secondary option
    3939or as members of a menu to which the user has access.
    40404. Use Scheduling Management to configure
    7676- Cannot cancel a walk-in appointment in Scheduling...
    7777- No handling of invalid access code when saving access slots.
    78 - Saving access slots causes program to freeze until it's done: need to be Async
    7978- No Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V handling
    8079- No Insert & Delete button handling
    81 - After applying access templates, the access blocks screen doesn't refresh itself.
    82 - Logic to remove old access blocks does not work. Only workaround is to remove them manually.
    83 - Transactions fail when a restart is attempted (High volume GT.M systems only).
    8480- Grids don't respond to mouse wheel movement.
    85 - Default open location for Apply Template is inappropriate. Should be the last folder navigated.
    86 - Drag and drop plus delete Message Boxes on Access Blocks editor are unnecessary.
    8781- Appointment drag and drop to the same time at a different clinic doesn't work (complains that the patient already has an appointment at this time).
    8882- Appointment drap and drop between different windows doesn't cancel the original appointment.
    9286- Patient Appointment List shows the names of the resources as the VISTA PIMS clinics, not what you called them in the Scheduling GUI; only for linked resources.
    9387- Speed issues
    94 - If you click on the print button in the View Appointments User Control (visible in the Make Appointment dialog) and the patient doesn't have any appointments (new patient), there is an error.
    95 - Program doesn't count walk-in appointments as part of slot calculations. I.e., doesn't consider walk-in's to count against the number of slots for a specific time.
    96 - For 1 day view, it shows yesterday's appointments if the time difference is less than one day between today's appointment and yesterday's appointment. This is a problem with the Calendar Grid drawing code.
    97 - Updating Note with Edit Appointment context menu only updates it in the BSDX APPOINTMENT file, not in file 44 (Hosp Location) "S" node.
    9989Other Bugs:
    10797- Print Appointment Letter when Appointment is made (PHH Users workflow).
    10898- Make printing an extensible module for end user customization (Oroville and PHH)
     99- Be able to print mutiple copies of a report (request of a PHH user).
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