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Jan 23, 2011, 5:18:07 AM (13 years ago)
Sam Habiel

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  • Scheduling/trunk/doc/ChangeLog.txt

    r1042 r1074  
    106106- Access block grid now refreshes itself after access blocks are added from a template. No need to change dates to see the effect.
    107107- New option in Access block grid to mass delete access blocks on File menu (tied to Ctrl-D).
     108- Can make appointments longer than 240 minutes when using a linked Resource (PIMS issue).
     109- Patient Appointment List now does not show cancelled appointments.
     110- Patient Appointment List now shows the names of the clinics as what you called them in the Scheduling GUI, not what they are called in VISTA.
     111- New kids build
  • Scheduling/trunk/doc/README.txt

    r1042 r1074  
    7878- No Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V handling
    7979- No Insert & Delete button handling
    80 - Grids don't respond to mouse wheel movement.
     80- Grids don't respond to mouse wheel movement. (fixed in 1.5)
    8181- Appointment drag and drop to the same time at a different clinic doesn't work (complains that the patient already has an appointment at this time).
    8282- Appointment drap and drop between different windows doesn't cancel the original appointment.
    8383- Rebooking under certain conditions causes system hangs. Two issues: Program doesn't increment requested available appointment from VISTA, and doesn't deal properly with an appointment that doesn't have a access type (ie an appointment that is not in an Access block).
    84 - Can't make appointments longer than 240 minutes when using a linked Resource (PIMS issue)
    85 - Patient Appointment List shows cancelled appointments by default and doesn't indicate in any way that they are cancelled.
    86 - Patient Appointment List shows the names of the resources as the VISTA PIMS clinics, not what you called them in the Scheduling GUI; only for linked resources.
    87 - Speed issues
     84- Speed issues (see below)
     85- Date on Appt List header in Arabic doesn't show up correctly.
     86- Error massages should be clearer for the end Users
    8989Other Bugs:
    9898- Make printing an extensible module for end user customization (Oroville and PHH)
    9999- Be able to print mutiple copies of a report (request of a PHH user).
     100- Appointment List print out doesn't show the date and time printed.
     101- Add patient order to the routing slip
     102- Double-click should open make appoitment
     103- Double-click on appointment should edit appointment
     104- Click right click issue on grid
     105- Add right-click on tvClinics to Print schedule for the clinic
     106- Print multiple copies of schedule for clinic.
     107- Add ability to Cancel Walk-in appointments <Najjar>
     108- Make the manager for the division not for the Data Base <Najjar>
     109- Map the Clerks (Users) to the Groups not the clinics <Najjar>
     110- Add New Key to the system; allow the manager to map users to the clinics without having access to add and edit the clinics
     111- In the Re-book function; system should inform the users if there is no available clinic, not just do nothing.
     112- Select the provider from the Check-in option should print the provider on the routing slip
     113- Make the reason for the cancellation editable can be configured site Specific
     114- Have an overbook limit and it can be edited as in VistA Scheduling
     115- Show a indicator if a patient got checked out or not.
     116- Generate a report from the system, tell us about the Check-in & Check-out status
     117- Change VistA Server should be only for the manager only
     118- If the I close the Last Windows in the clinical Scheduling GUI the system should ask me "Are you sure to close this program?"
     119- A tool that allow us to edit the schedule without go to each day to change
     120- If I apply a new template to the clinic the system should ask me if I want to delete the previous one
     121- Adding blocks in groups not individually
     122- If I inactivate the clinic in VistA it should reflects in GUI
     123- If we can make the users in groups. i.e. MRs group, OP clinics Group and map them to the resource groups
     125Speed issues:
     126- Loading takes a long time <solved>
     127- Search <enter> Select <enter> <enter> takes a long time when adding appointment
     128- Wait cursor when updating <solved>
     129- Checkin takes a long time
     130- Printing the routing slip takes a slightly longer than necessary time
     131- Select patient dialog takes a tiny while to show up.
     132- Date-change selection not optimal (calls server with each tiny change) <solved>
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