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    3232Pick and choose which are appropriate depending on your deployment platform and configuration.
     34## Configuring VistALink
     36Currently, VistALink connection settings are "baked in" to the web application in the following file:
     38        tracking-server-main/src/main/web-app/WEB-INF/config/vistalink-config.xml
     40You can either edit this before performing a build so that main.war contains your connection settings, or do it after deploying main.war to your servlet container in "exploded" mode.
     42Possible future development could store this connection information with some alternative implementation, like in a relational database, for example. One could potentially write a VistALink connection info administration UI as well.
     44## Configuring SSL
     46Currently, EDIS is not configured to enforce channel security over SSL, though it should be able to run over SSL if you have configured your servlet container to serve it over SSL, which you most certainly should do.  If you'd like it to serve user-friendly welcome pages over port 80 and still require SSL for other bits, you will need to tweak the spring-security configuration located at:
     50The main web application uses the spring security framework (version 2.0.7) to implement its security layer.  You can read more about it here:
     53## EDIS Big Board Automatic Login with No User
     55Currently the EDIS Big Board web application (bigboard.war) has no authentication mechanism configured at all.  VA's implementation was a WebLogic specific 2-way SSL authentication mechanism.  If you want automatically authenticating big boards you will need to implement the equivalent yourself.
     57The main EDIS application (main.war) contains a copy of the Big Board that runs as a signed-in user, which should work as a starting point.
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