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    r968 r969  
    1 BSDX 1.4 for WorldVista
     1BSDX 1.41 for WorldVista
    33This is a Scheduling GUI package.
    15152. BMX 2.2              (see
    16163. XWB 1.1 patch 113102 (see
    17 4. BSDX 1.4             (see
     174. BSDX 1.41             (see
    18185. SD 5.3 patch 11310   (see
    2424Client does not need installation. Both files have to be located in the same folder.
    26 For users who used a previous version, you only need to download and install BSDX 1.4 kids and ClinicalScheduling.exe plus the BMXNet22.dll library.
     26For users who used a previous version, you only need to download and install BSDX 1.41 kids and ClinicalScheduling.exe plus the BMXNet22.dll library. If BMX Server version is outdated, you need to install the new version.
    2828Post-installation tasks:
    4343d. Access Types
    4444e. Access Type Groups
     45(see below for more details).
    45465. Restart the program, and edit the resource availablility by right clicking on it in the tree.
    4648If you don't do these steps, the program won't work.
    4749See the User Manual for detailed instructions.
    49 Bugs:
    50 Too many to count. Put them on the trac server where you got this software.
     51Detailed Clinic Configuration Instructions:
     52The program is in a sort of an intermediate state; it doesn't edit PIMS clinics directly, but can be linked to them if you want appointments and check-ins to show up in PIMS. This program can work without ever being linked to PIMS clinics.
     54If you need to use PIMS clinics, here is how you do the set-up:
     550. First, make sure you have BMXRPC and BSDXRPC in your menu path and that you have BSDXZMGR for Sched GUI set-up and DG SUPERVISOR TO set up PIMS clinics on roll and scroll.
     561. Create the PIMS clinics using SDBUILD menu in VISTA. The GUI uses the following fields from the Hospital Location file
     57 - Clinic Name
     58 - Inactivation Date/Reactivation Date for deciding whether to display it.
     59 - Default Provider multiple for populating the default providers
     60 - Division (not currently used, but will be in the future)
     612. Create the resources in the GUI, and tie each of them to the clinics as needed.
     623. For each resource, you need to add authorized users. These users must hold the BSDXZMENU key or else, they won't show up. You may see users with XUPROGMODE. These will always show up.
     634. Create Resource Groups, and add resources to them. Without this, the tree on the side won't show up; and without this tree, users cannot select a schedule.
     645. Set-up At least 1 access type
     656. Set-up At least 1 access group
     667. Restart
     678. Create slots for each of the clinics. You can save them as files and re-use them.
     69Known Bugs:
     70- Users booking appointments at exactly the same time for the same clinic doesn't work properly.
     71- Various usability issues that are apparent in the program. E.g. you need to click before you right click, drag and drop has no visiual assist to show what you are dragging and where to, etc.
     72- Remaining slots calculation does not work properly if you have more than 1 slot per access block.
     74Other Bugs:
     75Put them on the trac server where you got this software.
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