GMRVPGC ;DBA/CJS - Pediatric Growth Chart HTML generator ;9/26/10 21:59 ;;5.0;GEN. MED. REC. - VITALS;**[patch list]**;Oct 31, 2002;Build 15 ; EN(DFN) ; N BMI,DIC,DIV,IO,LABEL,LINE,MAXAGE,NAME,NONE,POP,REF,ROOT,SERVER,SEX,STYLE,TMP,TYPE,VAL,VDT,XPARSYS,XQDIC,XQPSM,XQVOL,XVALS,YVALS S SERVER=$$GET^XPAR("SYS","GMRV PED GROWTH CHART SERVER") S ROOT=$$GET^XPAR("SYS","GMRV PED GROWTH CHART FOLDER") ; S D=^DPT(DFN,0),NAME=$P(D,U),SEX=$P(D,U,2),SEX=$S(SEX="M":1,SEX="F":2,1:0),DOB=$P(D,U,3),DOD=$P($G(^DPT(DFN,.35)),U),PID=$P($G(^DPT(DFN,.36)),U,3) S Y=DOB D DD^%DT S BIRTH=Y,MAXAGE=$$MNTHSOLD($S(DOD="":DT,DOD'="":DOD),DOB) ; ; See if there are any pediatric vitals to be had ; ^GMR(120.5,"AA",GMRVDFN,GMRVTYP,9999999-GMRVDT,DA)="" "rate" on 0 node piece 8 ; types: 8 = Height, 9 - Weight, 20 = Circumference/Girth, 73 - Head qualifier S NONE=1 F TYPE=8,9,20 D . S XVALS(TYPE)="",YVALS(TYPE)="" . S VDT=0 F S VDT=$O(^GMR(120.5,"AA",DFN,TYPE,VDT)) Q:VDT'>0 D . . S DA=+$O(^GMR(120.5,"AA",DFN,TYPE,VDT,0)) . . I TYPE=20 Q:'$D(^GMR(120.5,DA,5,"B",73)) ; Quit if not "HEAD" . . Q:+$G(^GMR(120.5,DA,2)) ; Quit if Entered in Error . . S AGE=$$MNTHSOLD(9999999-VDT,DOB),NONE=0 . . S XVALS(TYPE)=XVALS(TYPE)_","_AGE . . S VAL=$P(^GMR(120.5,DA,0),U,8),VAL=$S("8,20"[TYPE:VAL*2.54,TYPE=9:VAL/2.2),VAL=$$ROUND(VAL) . . I TYPE=8!(TYPE=9) S BMI(AGE,TYPE)=VAL . . S YVALS(TYPE)=YVALS(TYPE)_","_VAL . . Q . Q ; ; BMI=WEIGHT/(HEIGHT**2) Weight in Kg, Height in meters S AGE="",XVALS("BMI")="",YVALS("BMI")="",XVALS("WTHT")="",YVALS("WTHT")="" F S AGE=$O(BMI(AGE)) Q:AGE'>0 I $D(BMI(AGE,8)),$D(BMI(AGE,9)) D . S DIV=BMI(AGE,8)**2 . S:DIV'=0 XVALS("BMI")=XVALS("BMI")_","_AGE,YVALS("BMI")=YVALS("BMI")_","_$$ROUND(10000*BMI(AGE,9)/DIV) . S XVALS("WTHT")=XVALS("WTHT")_","_BMI(AGE,8),YVALS("WTHT")=YVALS("WTHT")_","_BMI(AGE,9) . Q ; ; Establish HTML doctype & head S LINE=0 F S LINE=LINE+1,TMP(LINE)=$P($T(HEAD+LINE),";",3) Q:TMP(LINE)="" ; ; Set up the href links S TMP(LINE)="




" S LABEL(1)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Age in months vs. Length centimeters 0-36 months

" S LABEL(2)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Age in months vs Head Circumference in centimeters 0-36 months

" S LABEL(4)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Age in months vs. Height centimeters over 36 months

" S LABEL(5)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Body Mass Index-for age

" S LABEL(6)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Weight vs Stature

" S LABEL(7)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Weight vs Length

" S TITLE(0)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Age in months vs. Weight in kilograms" S TITLE(1)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Age in months vs. Length centimeters for 0-36 months" S TITLE(2)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Age in months vs Head Circumference in centimeters for 0-36 months" S TITLE(4)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Age in months vs. Height centimeters over 36 months" S TITLE(5)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Body Mass Index vs. Age in Months from 24-240 Months" S TITLE(6)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Weight in Kilograms vs. Height in centimeters" S TITLE(7)=$S(SEX=1:"Male",1:"Female")_" Weight in Kilograms vs. Length in centimeters" F STYLE=0,1,2,4,5,6,7 S TYPE=$$TYPE(STYLE) D:$L(XVALS(TYPE)) . Q:("456"[STYLE)&(MAXAGE<36) . S TMP(LINE)=REF_SERVER_"?style="_$$STRING(STYLE)_"&title="_TITLE(STYLE)_"&sex="_SEX_"&maxage="_$$AGE(MAXAGE,STYLE)_"&xvals="_$P(XVALS(TYPE),",",2,99)_"&yvals="_$P(YVALS(TYPE),",",2,99)_""">"_LABEL(STYLE) . S LINE=LINE+1 . Q ; S:NONE TMP(LINE)="


",LINE=LINE+1 ; last of the labels S TMP(LINE)="

Note: should any xvals or yvals value be inappropriate, or there be an unequal number of values in both lists,",LINE=LINE+1 S TMP(LINE)="the patient plot will be ignored, and a ""blank"" growth chart with percentile values only will be shown.

",LINE=LINE+1 S TMP(LINE)="" S TMP(LINE+1)="" ; ; Write out the file D OPEN^%ZISH("OUTFILE",ROOT,DFN_".html","W") S:POP GMRVPGC="ERROR" Q:POP U IO S LINE=0 F S LINE=$O(TMP(LINE)) Q:LINE'>0 W TMP(LINE),! D CLOSE^%ZISH("OUTFILE") Q ; ; convert age to months MNTHSOLD(DATE,DOB) ; S X1=DATE,X2=DOB D ^%DTC S X=X/30.42,X=$$ROUND(X) Q X ; ROUND(X) ; Q $P(X,".")_"."_$E($P(X,".",2),1,2) ; TYPE(STYLE) ; Q $S(STYLE=0:9,STYLE=1:8,STYLE=2:20,STYLE=4:8,STYLE=5:"BMI",1:"WTHT") ; AGE(MAXAGE,STYLE) ; I MAXAGE<36 Q MAXAGE I "0456"[STYLE Q MAXAGE Q 36 ; STRING(STYLE) ; I STYLE=0 Q "weight-age" I STYLE=1 Q "length-age" I STYLE=2 Q "head-age" I STYLE=4 Q "stature-age" I STYLE=5 Q "bmi-age" I STYLE=6 Q "weight-stature" I STYLE=7 Q "weight-length" Q 0 ;oops! ; HEAD ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; Growth Chart Example ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;;Click on any one of the following to display the available growth charts for your patient. Use the back button to return to the main page. ;;