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#12 %DT flag "I" (for international input) prevent Fileman from accepting month names in Dates. CPRS relies on that. new defect major
#9 ACRP Package crashes when reports accessed new defect major
#10 Bug in the Fileman import data code (DDMP)... new defect major
#22 Expand CCD data assigned sanchu enhancement major
#14 Issue in listing down the Radiology order status in reports tab in CPRS new Kevin Toppenberg defect minor
#20 Make NPI optional new George Lilly defect major
#26 Many NDC not found from file ^PSNDF(50.67) on new defect critical milestone4
#3 Resolution for "Remote data not available - Only local order checks processed." error message... new defect minor
#11 Robust hashes for XUSHSH new enhancement minor
#21 Setup RPC functions during KID Install new George Lilly enhancement major
#2 Upper case access verify codes new defect trivial
#19 how to find source code new Kevin Toppenberg task blocker
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