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    1 '''EsigForVista'''
     1Electronic Signature for Vista in a GUI (Version 1 Test)
     3The install zip pack contains:
     41.      1 executable (VWESIG.exe)
     52.      1 KID install:
     6a.      1 Routine (VWESIG)
     7b.      2 Remote Procedures:
     8i.      VW ESIG BEGIN
     9ii.     VW ESIG SAVE
     103.      connect.txt
     114.      This READMEFIRST.doc file
     125.      Graphic with notes
     14This file does NOT contain the modified XUSHSHP, as discussions about changing it are not finalized.
     171.      Move the KIDs to your Linux Server. Best to run dos2unix as a precaution. (As the KID only contains 1 routine and 2 remote procedures and does not make any FOIA routine or Vista database changes, it is safe to install).
     182.      Run any components in the XPD MAIN option that you typically use.
     193.      Make a folder on your C: drive named VWREG. Place the connect.txt document there. Edit the text document with the correct port and IP to your Vista location.
     204.      Place any shortcut of the .exe you make to c:\Users\Public\Desktop. Add the S and P entries to the short-cut target.
     215.      The user's secondary menu should contain the OR CPRS GUI CHART option.
     241.      The executable will first look for the short-cut to get the IP and Port designations to connect. If it can't find the short-cut, it will look in the c:VWREG folder for the connect.txt file and get the IP and Port from it.
     252.      The standard Vista sign-on screen will appear. The user puts in their access/verify (which can be entered access;verify in the access field).
     263.      The application should pop-up. The app is an emulator of the Electronic Signature Code option.
     274.      Rolling over any of the components will produce the instruction and description about that field.