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    99== How can I install Rxnorm on VISTA? ==
    10 v0.01 (deprecated): Download and untar/ungzip this file: source:ccr/trunk/rxnorm/C0CRXN0_1.k.tgz@1206. This gives you a kids file (.k) which you can then install in VISTA or RPMS. Right now, Installation takes about 45 minutes, though I hope to cut this down in future releases. An install transcript can be found on this page: RxNormInstallTranscript. The data corresponds to Rxnorm October 2009.
    1210v0.02: This version changes how you would do installation. You now install the dictionary file (which you need to only install once unless it changes) and then install the data file, which changes month to month. The data installation now takes only 3 minutes on my poor laptop since it is transported as globals. [[BR]]
    13 This version is for July 2011 Data. [[BR]]
     11This version is for October 2012 Data. [[BR]]
    1412Installation Order (doesn't really matter though!):
    1513 * DD and loading routine C0CRXNRD (if you want to update Rxnorm yourself from the NLM): source:ccr/trunk/rxnorm/
    16  * Data (untar first and load into VISTA/RPMS): source:ccr/trunk/rxnorm/C0CRXN_DATA_072011_0100.gkids.tgz
     14 * Data (untar first and load into VISTA/RPMS): source:ccr/trunk/rxnorm/C0CRXN_DATA_102012_0100.gkids.tgz
    1816Typical Transcript for Installation: InstallTranscriptRxNorm
    2725== What can I do with Rxnorm ==
    28 I haven't published APIs yet (I am working on these right now), but I have done the following:
     26I haven't published APIs yet, but I have done the following:
    2927 * Resolve a VISTA drug to an Rxnorm Semantic Clinical Drug code.
    3028 * Resolve an NDC to an Rxnorm Semantic Clinical Drug code.
    3129 * Resolve an NDC to a VISTA VA Product.
    3230 * Get brand names for a specific generic.
    34 To see examples of what you can do, look at this file, on the astronaut repo:
    36 This adds a drug to the drug file based on info derived from Rxnorm