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Apr 27, 2016, 6:58:32 PM (8 years ago)
Sam Habiel

Update to 2.5


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    55Welcome to the homepage for the !RxNorm VISTA/RPMS Support. I am Sam Habiel, and I am the developer for these packages. I can be reached at sam dot habiel at gmail dot com.
    7 NB: Documentation for the older version of !RxNorm can be found at [wiki:RxNormForVista0.02].
    97== What is !RxNorm? ==
    5250=== Installation ===
    53 As of version 0.02 (the current version is 2.3), the installation method has changed. You now install the dictionary file (which you need to only install once unless it changes) and then install the data file, which changes month to month. The data installation now takes 30 minutes to 60 minutes since it is transported as globals. [[BR]]
     51The current version is 2.5. You now install the dictionary file (which you need to only install once unless it changes) and then download the data file from NLM ( monthly, unzip it, and then pass the file path to the rrf directory in D IMPORT!^C0CRXNRD("/path/to/rrf",0 or 1 to import restricted data sources). See the Programmer APIs section below. The data load takes about 20 minutes. If you would rather not do that, some Public Domain Data that is several years old is provided below.[[BR]]
    5453Installation Order:
    55  * DD and routines: source:ccr/trunk/rxnorm/tags/2.3/RXNORM_FOR_VISTA_2P3.KID
     54 * DD and routines: source:ccr/trunk/rxnorm/tags/2.5/RXNORM_FOR_VISTA_2P5.KID
    5655 * Public Domain Data (unzip with 7z first): source:ccr/trunk/rxnorm/tags/2.2/RXNORM_FOR_VISTA_PD_DATA_11P2013.GKID.7z
    333332If you need FDB or SNOMED-CT codes, you need to pass in the second parameter.
     334The import runs in 2 parallel threads. The background thread takes about 15 minutes to finish. You need to use your system status utility in order to check to see if it finished yet.
    335336==== Look-up APIs ====
    336337This is a list of APIs available for programmers for converting one terminology to another. Some APIs return multiple results. If so, they will be delimited by "!^".
    350351$$VIN2DIN^C0CRXNLK(VUID)            $$ Public - Get Drug Ingredient for VUID Ingredient
    351352$$FDI2DIN^C0CRXNLK(BASE)            $$ Public - Get Drug Ingredient for FDB Ingredient/Base
    352 $$VUI2RXN^C0CRXNLK(VUID)            $$ Public - Get RXNCUI for VUID (any VUID type)
     353$$VUI2RXN^C0CRXNLK(VUID,TTY)        $$ Public - Get RXNCUI for VUID (any VUID type)
    353354$$VUI2GCN^C0CRXNLK(VUID)            $$ Public - Get GCNs for a given VUID (any VUID type)
    354355$$MED2RXN^C0CRXNLK(DA)              $$ Public - Get RxNorm CUI for Drug
    355356$$MED2SCDN^C0CRXNLK(DA)             $$ Public - Medication to Semantic Clinical Drug Name
     357$$SCDNAME^C0CRXNLK(RXNCUI)          $$ Public - Semantic Clinical Drug Name for RxNorm CUI
     358$$ANYNAME^C0CRXNLK(RXNCUI)          $$ Public - Get the RxNorm name, no matter what it is
    356359$$RXN2NDI^C0CRXNLK(RXNCUI)          $$ Public - Get NDDF Ingredient for RXNCUI
    357360$$VIN2NDI^C0CRXNLK(VUID)            $$ Public - Get NDDF Ingredient for VUID
    358361$$NDC2RXN^C0CRXNLK(NDC)             $$ Public - Get RxCUI given the NDC
     362$$NDC2RXN2^C0CRXNLK(NDC,SOURCE)     $$ Public - Get RxCUI given the source
    359363$$ISBRAND^C0CRXNLK(RXN)             $$ Public - Is this RxCUI for a brand drug?
    360364$$BR2GEN^C0CRXNLK(RXN)              $$ Public - Convert Brand RxCUI to Generic RxCUI (many to 1)
    362366$$RXN2BNS^C0CRXNLK(RXN)             $$ Public - Get all Brand Names associated with an RXN
    363367$$RXN2NDC^C0CRXNLK(RXN)             $$ Public - Get NDC codes for RxNorm code
     368$$LVUID^C0CRXNLK(RXN)               $$ Public - Locate VUID, any type, given RxNorm. Iterative Search.
     369D loopVUIDs^C0CRXNLK                Public - Paste VUIDs in to get RxNorms
    412418The following routines are included in this patch.  The second line of each
    413419of these routines now looks like:
    414  ;;2.3;RXNORM FOR VISTA;**[Patch List]**;Nov 14, 2013;Build 8
    416                  Checksums
     420 ;;2.5;RXNORM FOR VISTA;**[Patch List]**;Nov 14, 2013;Build 8
    417422Routine         Old         New        Patch List
    418 C0CRXNAD        n/a      18747982   
    419 C0CRXNLK        n/a      98280702   
    420 C0CRXNRD        n/a      42158088   
     423C0CRXNAD        n/a      18747982
     424C0CRXNLK        n/a      159120024
     425C0CRXNRD        n/a      52136432