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Scheduling GUI Compilation Instructions

  1. Get your server ready by installing the patches and readying the RPC Broker transport.
  2. ON Windows, download and install .net 4.0 full edition.
  3. On Windows, download and install VC Express 2010.
  4. svn co into a BSDX folder
  5. svn co into a BMX folder
  6. Open C# Express
  7. Load the solution in the BSDX folder. You will get the errors saying that BMX project cannot be found.
  8. Remove BMXNet project.
  9. Right-click on solution on the project folder, and add the BMXNet project from the BMXNet folder (there are 3; make sure to get the right one).
  10. Add a reference to BMXNet in the Clnical Scheduling project.
  11. Press F5 to compile and run the project.
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