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Scheduling GUI Installation

The below is for v 1.5. After installation, be sure to review post-installation tasks.

Mumps Database Side Installation


  • FM 22 and above
  • Kernel 8 and above
  • XB 3 and above
  • SD 5.3
  • SD 5.3 patch 11310 (to fix a problem with the code from the VA that IHS has fixed that the VA still hasn't fixed)
  • BMX 2.31

XWB 1.1 patch 113102 is required if you don't have XWB-1P1_SEQ-40_PAT-49.TXT installed, as it fixes a bug that patch fixes. In addition, it enables you to use the same port as CPRS in xinetd.

For a Virgin WorldVistA 6-08/3-09 release install the following kids builds in this order:

  1. XB 4 (in
  2. BMX 2.3 (in
  3. XWB 1.1 patch 113102 (in
  4. SD 5.3 patch 11310 (in
  5. BSDX 1.5 (in

If you separate routines by local mods and canonical routines, all routines are canonical except for SDAMEVT.m and XWBTCPM.m, which are modifications of National VA Routines.

Windows Side Installation

You need to install .Net 4.0 runtime first. Find it at Client Profile distribution should also work (last link for full Profile .Net) but I haven't tested it.

To run the client, place the exe and dll in the same folder. It will just work. To enable Arabic Support, place the ar folder in the same parent folder that contains the exe and dll.

Client Files (in

  • ClinicalScheduling.exe
  • BMXNet23.dll
  • ar/
  • ar/ClinicalScheduling.resources.dll
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