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    9898=== BSDX26 (Update Note on Appointment) ===
    99100 * Lock appointment
    100101 * Save !^BSDXAPPT(BSDXAPTID) into !^TMP($J)
    112113=== BSDX31 (No-show and Undo No-show) ===
    113115 * Lock appointment
    114116 * Ask PIMS if it is okay to (un)no-show this patient. (Doesn't do anything currently; see TODO below)
    121123M Error Handling: none, except as a side effect of failure from BSDXAPI, while will trigger the PIMS failure rollback.
    122124== Unit Test Routines ==
     125As part of the changes, comprehensive Unit Test routines were created. They are BSDXUT, BSDXUT1, and BSDXUT2. They assume the existence of patients with DFNs 1 through 5. They handle setting up the Scheduling GUI and Hospital Location files themselves. The Unit Tests are:
     126 * UT07!^BSDXUT for Unit Testing BSDX07.
     127 * UT08!^BSDXUT1 for Unit Testing BSDX08.
     128 * UT26!^BSDXUT1 for Unit Testing BSDX26.
     129 * UT29!^BSDXUT1 for Unit Testing BSDX29.
     130 * UT31!^BSDXUT1 for Unit Testing BSDX31.
     131 * UT25!^BSDXUT2 for Unit Testing BSDX25.
     132 * PIMS!^BSDXUT2 for Unit Testing PIMS APIs in BSDXAPI.
     134All Unit Tests will try to be as silent as possible. If there is an error, it will be printed to the screen.
     136All tests in each Unit Test routine can be invoked from the top of each routine. To run all unit tests, execute the following. The expected output will be as follows:
     139Error in -10 in Unlinked Section (existing bug)
     140Waiting for 5 seconds for taskman to finish
     141Waiting for 5 seconds for taskman to finish
    124144== Other Enhancements ==