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Server Side Changes in version 1.7

This document describes the server side changes made to the Scheduling GUI to remove mumps transactions. The Scheduling GUI code was changed too in v1.7, mostly to support BMX v4. There is a single bug fix on the GUI side where support for unlinked clinics was broken inadvertently in v1.6.

Introduction and Statement of Problem

There are three issues:

The interaction between transactions and locking causes a freeze in GT.M that looks like this:

GTM[******]: %%GTM-W-MUTEXLCKALERT, Mutual Exclusion subsystem ALERT - lock attempt threshold crossed for region /var/worldvista/globals/mumps.dat.  Process 17141 is in crit. -- generated from 0x00002B158FF975CD.

The Scheduling GUI did a lock itself outside of the transaction in BSDX07, and Fileman did a bunch of locks internally inside the transaction.

Cache users will fail with an UNIMPLEMENTED error if we use the full transaction syntax

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