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Scheduling GUI Technical Manual

Welcome to the Scheduling GUI Technical Manual. This version reflects the software as of version 1.6. The software is liberally licensed under LGPL; this manual is licensed under CC BY. These licenses enable you to use and modify the software even in commercial settings.

Note: this manual is intended for super-users and technical support staff. For information on how to use the software, see the Scheduling GUI User Manual.

For server side changes in v1.7 including a description of the transaction refactoring, see the v1.7 technical report

What does the Scheduling GUI need to run?

M Side: This version will run on WorldVistA 6-08 or 3-09 or later. It has not been tested on OpenVista, FOIA Vista, nor on vxVista.

GUI Side: This version runs on Microsoft Windows XP or later using .Net 4. It DOES NOT run on Linux, even if you use Wine or Mono. If you want it to run, drop me a line!


Installation turns out to be not that simple. It's a series of 5 KIDS builds on the M side; 4 files (or more if you want Arabic) on the Windows Side. Go here.

Post Installation Tasks on VISTA

  • To access the Scheduling GUI at all, users must have access to two menu options on their menu tree: BMXRPC and BSDXRPC. The best way to do that is through a sub menu on their primary menu tree. Remember to rebuild your menus after adding RPC type options!!!
  • The person who will set-up the Scheduling GUI for the first time must have BSDXZMGR Key
  • All Scheduling Users must have the BSDXZMENU key.
  • Continue below in the Set-up for the First Time section.

Set-up for the First Time

Setting Up Access Blocks

Miscellaneous Admin Functions

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