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VISTA Scheduling GUI Home Page

Scheduling Main Screen Welcome to the VISTA Scheduling GUI homepage. I am Sam Habiel; I am the current maintainer for the Scheduling GUI. I can be reached at sam dot habiel at gmail dot com. The original package was written for Indian Health Service by Horace Whitt, and I ported it to VISTA and made a lot of enhancements.

What is the Scheduling GUI?

Historically, VISTA has always used the PIMS Scheduling module on the VT-100 emulated terminal. The Scheduling GUI is intended to be a replacement and complement for PIMS Scheduling. You can run the Scheduling GUI without any interaction with PIMS; or you can have it interacting with PIMS so that appointments will have various cascading effects on other packages using the PIMS triggered protocols and PIMS APIs. Most people use it with PIMS so that it can integrate well with CPRS.

I want it I want it I want it!

You can follow the instructions here to install it: source:Scheduling/tag/1.5/README.txt


The project is licensed by myself under LGPL latest version, whatever it is. Appointment Slip

Feature List

  • Obviously, make and cancel appointments.
  • Check-in and undo check-in's.
  • No-show and undo No-shows.
  • Make slots (i.e. how many patients will a provider see)
  • Print Schedule List
  • Print Appointment Reminder Letters
  • Print Appointment List for Providers
  • Auto-Rebook appointments (along with Rebook letters)
  • Search for appointments in the future (you can limit to specific slot type or day)

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