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GUI Client-Patient Registration (Version 2.0) for World Vista EHR

Short History

The original intent of the application was to have a quick, standard graphical style front-end to input patients/clients into the VistA database. An event that impacted the programmer delayed it for a year+ and it subsequently experienced "application creep". It is important for users to know how to make, edit, and/or use input templates. I strongly recommend referring to the Fileman manuals for expert help and guidance at:


This application has NOT been tested. So, be advised, loading onto a test system is ONLY recommended at this time.

Application zip:

   Updated :: July 12, 2016,[[BR]]
   Uploaded:: July 17, 2016)[[BR]]

Everything is contained in the zip. You might want to preview the main help files and installation example before installation:

  • VWREG_Install.rtf
  • BFPLLC_WV_Help.html
  • BFPLLC_WV_Tech.html
  • BFPLLC_WV_TM.html

And, if you decide to test the application, questions, comments, suggestions, criticism(s), et al, can be sent to jbellco65-"@"


Jim Bell

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