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GUI Client-Patient Registration (Version 2.0) for World Vista EHR

Short History

The original intent of the application was to have a quick, relatively simple standard graphical style front-end to input patients/clients into the VistA database. An event that impacted the programmer delayed it for a year+ and it subsequently experienced "application creep". It is important for users to know how to make, edit, and/or use input templates. I strongly recommend referring to the Fileman manuals for expert help and guidance at:


This application has NOT been TESTED. So, be advised, loading onto a test system is ONLY recommended at this time.
Application files: (Updated 7/18/2016, Uploaded 7/18/2016
Help files : (Updated 7/18/2016, Uploaded 7/18/2016

And, if you decide to test the application, questions, comments, suggestions, criticism(s), and "customizations", et al, can be sent to jbellco65-"@" Of feedback interest is the selection of multiple fields in Fileman as they appear and work in the GUI, and data feed to the database. Be easy with those in the first go-around.


Jim Bell,Portland, OR The "B" in BFP LLC

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