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WorldVistA EHR

The latest version of WorldVistA EHR including the source code can be found at the following link. The Meaningful Use Certified version, WorldVistA EHR 2.0, has not yet been released.


Password Not Working?

Please click the "Forgot your password?" button at the top right and use it to get a password in the mail. After you use it to log in, you can change it by clicking preferences and then the account tab.

New registrants/reregistrants

You must have a real full name and verified email address in order to do anything. A message will be sent to the email address. It will contain a link and a code, either of which can be used to verify your email address. Other users will not be able to see your full name and email address. If you make a mistake, you can set and change your email address and full name under Preferences/General" after you register.

For technical reasons, please make sure that your account user name starts with a lower-case letter, and is composed of only lower-case letters and numbers. Nonconforming user names will be deleted automatically. Any characters are acceptable in your password. One account per person please, second accounts will be assumed malicious and summarily deleted.

You will be able to file tickets and add entries to other tickets automatically after you finish registering and verifying your email. An administrator will be alerted when you register, and, depending on who you are, you may be granted permissions to do other things, like edit the wiki, or manage tickets.

Do not reregister if you have ever committed anything to SVN, no matter how small

Your password and username have been preserved in order to keep the svn log synchronized. Do not reregister - please continue to use that same account. However, you still have to go into Preferences/General and fill in your full name and email address.

Code submission and subversion access

If you want to contribute something, submit it as an attachment to a ticket. Your code will be reviewed, and perhaps merged by one of the people in charge of maintaining that subtree. If you are one of the few people with commit access for the purpose of maintaining a subtree, do not attempt to change any other subversion subtree without getting permission from the manager of that subtree. Your changes will be reverted, and if you persist, you may lose all commit privileges.

The subversion repository is at

Filing New Tickets

Since now we are using one Trac server instead of many, pick a reasonable component when you file your ticket. This will ensure that your ticket goes to the right people immediately. If you make a mistake, it will eventually be fixed by someone with suitable permissions, but it may delay the resolution of your issue.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.