Community VistA Configuration Project

Community VistA is the term we began using at the 2011 Vista Expo to describe a VistA system that supports a Hospital as well as a number of Clinics treating the same patients. The hospital has an ER, a lab, radiology, and other essential functions supported. The clinics range from General Medicine to any number of specialties.

WorldVista EHR VOE 1.0 started out as the result of the CMS VistA Office project, and is configured to support only clinics.

Real world experience has shown that a more successful use of VistA outside the VA is for Community configurations which support a hospital as well as clinics treating the same patients. Oroville Hospital is a good example of this kind of configuration in action.

WorldVista, with help from Oroville Hospital, achieved Meaningful Use Certification for WorldVista EHR for both inpatient and outpatient use. Both of these certifications were done off of the same WorldVistA Configuration; the Community VistA configuration.

This project is a work in progress to capture and document the steps that WorldVista went through to configure VistA for both inpatient and outpatient certification. We have raw logs of the work being done and the Certification Server to show the end result. We will try in steps to go from this state to clear documentation, likely posted on which can be used bring a VistA instance to point where it can support a VistA Community configuration.

Here is the raw log broken up into pages. The names of the pages will be changed when we determine how to describe what's being done:

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